“To know Christ personally and to make him better known.”

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We are located on St Helen’s Street, Ipswich. Car parking space is usually available in Regent Street (opposite the church).

Sundays 9.30am

We meet on Sundays at 9:30am. Our service is informal and friendly with an emphasis on gathering to celebrate God’s love for us and meet Jesus and know him better through the pages of the Bible. Our music group help us sing a range of Christian worship songs, both contemporary and some more traditional. Children normally leave the service after about 15 minutes to go to their own activities but on the first Sunday of the month they stay in with us for a service that is aimed at the whole family.

We have communion services on the 4th Sunday of the month.


We encourage everyone at St Helen’s to be a part of the weekly pattern of meetings and activities designed to unite and strengthen us as a church of people following Jesus together.

Fellowship Groups weeks 1 & 3 of every month

Church is about more than meeting once a week - Jesus is all about bringing people together to learn from him and care deeply for one another. That can’t be done in an hour on a Sunday. That’s why we meet in fellowship groups.

In St Helen’s fellowship groups we:

Everyone at St Helen’s is part of the church fellowship group network, even those who don’t feel able to come! If you choose not to attend you will still be treated as part of a group, because this is how we believe we can best care for you. (For example, people who don’t come to fellowship groups will be asked regularly by their group leader how they are doing and whether there is anything they would appreciate the group praying for.) If you are new-ish and you would like to join a fellowship group, please email James and Deborah Broadway, our fellowship group coordinators.

You can find out what we do midweek as churches in our benefice (weeks 2 & 4 of each month) from the 'Midweek' menu above.