The Waterfront Churches are three Anglican churches in central-east Ipswich seeking to know the life God gives to those who are open to Jesus and prepared to listen to what he says.

Jesus was the most incredible, attractive person the world ever witnessed. But when he vanished from sight 2000 years ago, he didn’t back off into the background or retreat to the margins of history… he actually entered the control room of the universe, because God the Father had appointed him to take charge of absolutely everything, both the bigger things (like the future of the universe) and the smaller things (like our various individual lives).

We think that is great news for ordinary people wherever they are in the world today, (Ipswich included!)

Use the links above to find out more about our churches, when and where we meet… and then come along, meet us and find out more about this person Jesus, whose past, present and future give our lives their meaning and significance. No previous experience of church required! Whoever you are, you will be warmly welcomed!